DO-254 Training

Private and public DO-254 training courses are available from a variety of sources. Select the one that has successfully trained the greatest number of engineers performing work similar to yours.

You should also require a money-back guarantee and check instructor credentials:

  1. Have they published DO-254 books?
  2. Are they affiliated with a large and pure DO-254 company instead of being solo artists?
  3. Do they have recent hands-on DO-254 hardware development experience as avionics engineers/managers?
  4. Do they provide custom training materials instead of merely reading from the book?
  5. Have they taught at least twenty or thirty D0-254 training classes?


do254 training

DO-254 trainers typically charge $8-$12K for private training; low variation in prices, but huge variation in results. For information on available DO-254 training class instructors, email info@do254site.com


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