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DO-254 hardware development requires consideration of the entire avionics system hardware development lifecycle as follows:

Before hardware is designed or implemented for DO254 compliance, the DO-254 and ARP 4761hardware safety assessment is performed to determine DO-254 criticality level and define a DO-254 compliant system and hardware architecture. Then, ARP 4754 is used to define the system requirements, allocating hardware requirements per DO254 and software requirements per DO178B.

DO-254 hardware development must consider the appropriate hardware, development environment (modeling, synthesis, simulation), requirements tools, traceability tools, configuration management tools, and DO-254 verification/validation tools. DO-254 allows for using most complex logic language variants such as VHDL. Hardware tool qualification per DO-254 needs to be considered, though it should not be necessary to qualify most development tools if a proper DO-254 development is defined and followed in the DO-254 Hardware Development Plan (HDP). The DO-254 Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification (PHAC) should briefly describe the D0-254 hardware development environment, and reference the HDP for additional DO-254 related hardware development activities.
The DO-254 Industry Group maintains relationships with the key vendors and services providers that supply DO254 hardware tools. Which DO-254 hardware tools are best? Which DO-254 hardware tools are most common? What are DO-254 hardware tool trade-offs? The following categories of DO-254 related hardware development tools and products must be considered on any modern avionics project:
  • DO-254 compliant processors and boards
  • DO-254 compliant Synthesis and Simulation Tools
  • DO-254 compliant Verification Tools
  • DO-254 compliant Analysis Tools
  • DO-254 compliant Verification Tools
  • DO-254 compliant Coverage AnalysisTools
  • DO-254 compliant Requirements Management Tools
  • DO-254 compliant Traceability Tool
DO-254 compliant Traceability Tools For information or a free whitepaper on DO-254 hardware development tools, trade-offs, costs/benefits, or DO-254 vendors/providers, please contact the DO-254 Industry Group via email info@do254site.com

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