DO-254 Reverse Engineering

You have a completed product, and now you want to certify it per DO-254 so it can fly?
Possible? Absolutely
While DO-254 was developed primarily for new, custom development avionics products, there is now a booming business in DO-254 reverse-engineering. The DO-254 Industry Group has many members whose principal business is in helping you reverse engineer your product so it can meet DO-254 certification standards. reverse engineering
What is required for DO254 reverse engineering?
  • Preparing, then following the five key DO-254 process plans and three standards
  • Performing a Gap Analysis of your existing product and processes to identify and mitigate all the gaps (shortcomings) pertaining to DO-254
  • Selecting the various tools to help you perform the various DO-254 activities for requirements, design, code, and test
  • DO-254 Training to ensure your personnel can do the reverse-engineering work productively and proficiently, or
  • Outsourcing the DO-254 Reverse-Engineering activity to one of several companies focusing upon this service
  • Developing your Safety Analysis, DO-254 Requirements/Design/Traceability documentation, performing verification, adhering to DO-254 CM and QA requirements, and DER oversight of the reverse-engineering processes.
For additional information on D0-254 reverse engineering, contact our Industry Group info@do254site.com

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