DO-254 Project Management

Reliable products require reliable hardware project management. And we know that high reliability requires highly reliable project managers and management tools.

At the DO-254 management Industry Group, we use highly trained and certified project managers to manage the world's most important avionics DO254 projects: yours. We take our project seriously as your customers take your products seriously.

As a member of PMI (Project Management Institute), we introduce new ways of DO-254 & DO-254 project management. We couple these solutions with automated project tools management expert, DO-254 engineers and managers.

Client Feedback: I want to tell you that both your avionics hardware course and your avionics project management metrics have more content than your profession usually delivers in several weeks, much less one! L.W., Program Manager, Northrop Grumman

The DO-254 Industry Group's project management activities cover:

  • Embedded DO-254 and DO-254 project advice
  • DO-254 white papers
  • Avionics/DO-254 Project roadmaps, work-breakdown-structures, detailed schedules, resource-allocation, risk identification and mitigation, tool trade-offs, engineering optimization, and personnel management
  • Detailed D0254 hardware cost analysis and tracking
  • Detailed DO254 embedded project metrics
  • Recommendations for all required embedded
  • DO254 hardware tools, products, operating systems, libraries, board support packages, development and test tools, avionics requirements traceability, avionics configuration management tools, and hardware tracking/reporting tools DO254 engineering resource staffing for management, engineering, and support
  • US owned and operated means Security Clearance where needed
  • Hardware lifecycle document templates for all required documents
  • Follow-on support to ensure your critical embedded projects are successfully initiated

And much, much more; contact the DO-254 Industry Group today at info@do254site.com

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