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DO-254 Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) are necessary for almost all commercial and military avionics. The top 10 largest aerospace hardware companies have their own avionics DERs. The other 500 typically “rent” an avionics systems, or hardware DER on an as-needed basis. The average project requires 50-100 hours of DER project initiation/review time, and another 150-400 hours of such total DER time. There are 50-100 independent avionics systems/hardware DERs available and working in the U.S. Many are independents and able to take on additional work, while others are fully affiliated with the largest DO-254 DER services firms such as HighRely and available through those firms. The DO-254 Industry Group regularly screens, tests, and refers only those believed to be in the top 20% of such DO-254 DERs in Hardware and Systems.

Our referred DO-254 DERs charge $150+/hr, based upon length of assignment. When selecting a DER, check for years of experience, guarantees from the DERs representative company/agency, availability, and experience on similar programs to yours.
D0254 DERs: if you want to be considered for referrals by the DO-254 Industry Group, you’ll need to set up an appointment with the DO-254 Industry Group approved lead DERs.
Client Feedback: "In comparison to my experiences with 3 other DER consultancy companies, I have found DERs referred( by the DO-254 Industry Group) to be well organized and very responsive. With other DER's we have found them to be very unresponsive and lacking in the understanding of what is required to develop to various levels of DO-254.” Mr. Tim H, Project Manager, ADS Incorporated, Australia.

For information on available DO-254 engineers, DERs and outsourcing companies, email info@do254site.com

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